Basil Pesto Gnocchi

Basil Pesto Gnocchi (93 of 101 Black Garlic)

Basil Pesto & Black Garlic Gnocchi

No. 93 of 101 ways to use black garlic… #101BG

Basil Pesto BlackGarlic Gnocchi Recipe & Video…

Everyone knows the health benefits of white potatoes is minimal, yet they are probably one of the most used vegetables in the kitchen.

  • No one ever say’s ”theses potatoes are so delicious” unless they are cooked in oil or covered in sauce & spices.

So, when cooking traditional potato gnocchi the sauce is the key to creating health & delicious food the whole family can enjoy! Unless your using BLACK GARLIC GNOCCHI!

Black garlic pairs perfectly with potatoes, increasing the flavour, health properties & colour. So in our recipe we decided to double up on the black garlic goodness by combining blackgarlic gnocchi with black garlic puree

On this occasion we chose to use chorizo, however you could substitute that for chicken, fish or even tofu…

Serves 3 – 4                            Coarse: Main coarse              Cooking Time:  min 


Step 1

Cut onion, broccoli, capsicum & chorizo into small pieces. Cook the onion & meat first in a wok for around 5. Add broccoli, capsicum & continue to cook for a further 5 mins.

Tip: Adding teaspoon turmeric will further improve the health properties without dramatically changing the taste & colour of the dish.

Step 2

Mix basil pesto, black garlic puree, milk & cream together in a bowl then stir through the veggies when they are half cooked.

Step 3

Add BlackGarlic Gnocchi & heat through.

Step 4

Serve & Enjoy!!

Tip: Top with parmesan cheese .

Approximate Ingredients

1 x onion

1 x head of broccoli

1 x capsicum

1 x chorizo (or your choice of meat)

300g = 1 packed of Noosa Gnocchi blackgarlic gnocchi

2 tsp of black garlic puree

3 tsp of basil pesto

1 tsp of olive oil

350ml of milk

80ml of cream

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