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101 Black Garlic Recipes

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The following Delicious Black Garlic Recipes have been created using the KIS (keep it simple) principle.

IF you enjoy eating great tasting food and want to live a long & healthy life? THEN add black garlic to your daily diet, it’s that easy…

Black Garlic Meals Made Easy - Empathy Herbal (mumzy & me)

This extensive resource of black garlic recipes was created by our beloved feature chef / home cook – Meals Made Easy. (aka Helen Hancock)

Start Your Day Right

Nutritious Black Garlic Breakfast Recipes

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Enjoy the rich flavours of black garlic with the yeast-free bread recipe. Classic Aussie Damper.

Soft & creamy scrambled egg sprinkled with black garlic cloves and served with smoked salmon in a breakfast wrap.

Meals Made Easy I

Black Garlic is NOT a fine food! It’s an incredibly healthy, delicious and versatile ingredient that can be easily incorporated into anyone’s diet. Embrace its remarkable benefits as you add it into your home cooking, unlocking its full potential. “

Meals Made Easy

Healthy & Delicious

Black Garlic Main Dishes for Lunch & Dinner

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This is the easiest and tastiest fried rice you’ve ever cooked.

Pulled Lamb Tacos = the ULTIMATE ‘finger food’.

Easy-Peazy open tart with your favourite vegetables.

The sweetness of the honey perfectly complements the savoury taste of black garlic.

Traditional Japanese dish with a twist. Enjoy ramen noodles stir-fry style.

Transform a classic meatball recipe with the mouth-watering taste of black garlic.

Delicious stir-fry in seconds. Combine, noodles prawns, black garlic and veggies for a quick, easy and nutrition meal.

Roast lamb absorbs the rich sweetness of black garlic when slow-cooked.

The Health Benefits

Why Everyone's Talking About Black Garlic

Black garlic is’nt just a culinary trend; it’s a health revolution! Find out why scientist, nutritionists and chefs alike are raving about its benefits. Explore the medical research behind black garlic and how it can benefit you and your families health. 

Fresh and Flavourful

Black Garlic Salads and Dressings

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Using black garlic yogurt in salad dressings is a great way to add flavour and creaminess to your salads.

The umami richness and chewy satisfaction of peeled black garlic cloves perfectly complements a pearl couscous salad.

Quick & Easy Recipes

Black Garlic Side Dishes for Every Occasion

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Adding black garlic to pumpkin soups brings a delightful twist to this classic and simple dish winter warming dish.

Adds a decadent taste and crunchy texture to your soups and salads.

The delicious fusion of crab, black garlic, sour cream & will be the talk of the table at any social event with friends. 

Black garlic butter not only perfect for mushrooms, but also great for veggies & bread.

Tender, tasty tapas with black garlic mayo is the prefect dipping sauce.

These twice cooked potatoes take minimal effort. You’ll be amazed by the delicious taste and crunchy texture.

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Must-Try Favourites

Popular Black Garlic Recipes

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Black garlic puree is made for marinades. With just a few ingredients you’ll be amazed with the results.

Black garlic hummus offers a healthful twist on the classic dip.

Transform basic butter into a thing of beauty. Black garlic herb butter not only glisten and shine, but add that extra umph to your meals.

Transform Your Meals with Black Garlic

Elevate your cooking with our aromatic black garlic. Its unique taste and health-boosting properties make it a must-have in your kitchen. Order today and bring your dishes to life!

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Sweet and Savoury Snacks & Dessert

Black Garlic Treats to Enjoy Anytime

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Black Garlic introduces a unique twist to this dessert.

These cheese with black garlic biscuits will be a point of difference on your next happy hour platter.

Enjoy the crisp and flaky sweet pastries straight from the oven.

Empathy Herbal & UQ Showcase Black Garlic's Healing Power

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In 2023, Empathy Herbal received a grant from the Australian Federal Government to work with the University of Queensland to ‘Explore and Validate the Therapeutic Benefits of Australian Aged Black Garlic’.

The information learned during the study showed black garlic has…

  1. Anti-Inflammatory
  2. Immune Boosting
  3. Anti-cancer
  4. Cardiovascular Protective
Health Benefits
University of Queensland
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