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eco-friendly packaging cover Empathy Herbal

Earth Friendly Packaging – For a Better Tomorrow

Empathy Herbal: A Green Path to Better Health and a Healthier Planet In an era marked by unprecedented global challenges, the Earth faces pressing environmental issues that demand urgent attention and collective action. Why Choose Earth Friendly Packaging? The choices we make today, both as individuals, businesses and as a

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Introducing Meals Made Easy

BLACK GARLIC RECIPES – by meals made easy!

If you’re a fan of classic white garlic, you’re sure to adore Black Garlic! Even if you not a garlic lover, you’ll most likely still enjoy Black Garlic… “ Black Garlic is often labelled as a ‘fine food’, which can be misleading.”   – Meals Made Easy The label ‘fine

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orangutans habitat loss

Orangutans Habitat Loss

Sumatra’s wildlife is collateral damage for palm oil plantations Q) Why is palm oil in so many products? A) Because it’s cheap & versatile, meaning companies can add it to their products to increase profits. Orangutans Habitat Loss is Preventable! Did you know: Over the past 22 years Sumatra

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palm oil deforestation

Palm Oil Deforestation

Did you know? Large areas of Sumatra’s historically perfect soil are under threat by manipulative multi-national corporations. Their land clearing for non-sustainable industries is directly responsible for the destruction of Sumatra’s fragile ecosystem and critically endangered wildlife populations. So, more land is cleared to grow new oil palms (or poison palms,

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Premium Jamu Needs Perfect Soil & Climate

JAMU, Soil & Climate

JAMU – Organic Soil In early 2020, a world health pandemic forced us to isolate & reflect on our health. As a result, Jamu’s popularity has increased (domestically & internationally) as people look for a natural approach to get & stay healthy. Using organic herbs to prevent & treat chronic

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Which jamu is best

Which product is best for you? Lists to help you choose!

Choose from health conditions: According to the latest release research by Australian Bureau of Statistics, 78.6% of Australians had at least one chronic health condition in 2020-21. Almost one in five (18.6%) had two or more chronic conditions. In the Health Conditions report, they’ve selected 10 of Australians’ most comment

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Blue Bessy Campervan

Old Blue Bessy & Me…

When they denied my UK Visa in 2008, I knew my only option was to come home 🙁 I’d just spend the last 3 years travelling Europe working as surf instructor, where I’d been able to build a wealth of pleasant memories and stories, but sweet FA money. So, when

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Volcanic Organic Fertiliser

Volcanic Organic Fertiliser

It started with a bang, a big bang… 75,000 years ago, it’s believed the Toba super-volcano erupted causing a global volcanic winter that lasted for 6 to 10 years. This resulted in a 1,000 year cooling episode – triggering a population bottleneck in human evolution. The Toba super-volcano eruption was

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herbs and spices history

Herbs and Spices History You Need to Know

Do you know herbs and spices have been used for health purposes since long before history was recorded? What do we mean by herbs and spices? Before we start, let’s define herb and spice. An herb is a plant that can be a fresh or a dried leave, generally used

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Herbs Q & A – How can I use dried herbs and spices?

Herbal Questions & Answers Are Empathy Herbal herbs and spices fresh? All our dried herbs and spices are directly delivered from organic farm local at Sumatra to us in premium condition, and they are retaining the natural fresh aromas and flavours. How long does Empathy Herbal herbs and spices last?

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