herbs and spices history

Herbs and Spices History You Need to Know

Do you know herbs and spices have been used for health purposes since long before history was recorded?

What do we mean by herbs and spices?

Before we start, let’s define herb and spice. An herb is a plant that can be a fresh or a dried leave, generally used for its medicinal properties, flavour, or scent.

Spices are the flowers, seeds, fruit, bark, and roots. Normally, spices smell more pungent than herbs. Therefore, it is possible for one plant to provide an herb and spice.

How did early humans use herbs and spices?

herbs and spices

There is speculation that humans have discovered myriad uses for nature’s wild plants since prehistory. The interesting thing is that the history of herbalism not only ties with the history of medicine but also overlaps with the history of food; Many herbs and spices were used by early humans to season food also a medicinal value.

The Natural gift – herbs and spices.

Herbs and spices are powerful gifts from the earth. They have been used for medicinal and food purposes for thousands of years. Many studies have shown herbs and spices do carry incredible health benefits, from strength immune system to prevent illness, just to name a few.

Today, herbs and spices are grown in gardens around the world. They have been developed to be used in diverse dishes in different cultures. Given the health benefits, we could add some herbs and spices into our daily food and be surprised by the delicious flavour.

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So, why not start today?

What is your favourite herb and spice? Let us know how you think and share your recipes of cooking with herbs and spices below. We love to hear from you.

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