Herbs Q & A – How can I use dried herbs and spices?

Herbal Questions & Answers

Are Empathy Herbal herbs and spices fresh?

All our dried herbs and spices are directly delivered from organic farm local at Sumatra to us in premium condition, and they are retaining the natural fresh aromas and flavours.


How long does Empathy Herbal herbs and spices last?

Dried herbs and spices normally could last 12 – 24 months, store in a dry, cool place and away from direct sunlight.


How can I replace fresh herbs with dried herbs?

Dried herbs not only have longer shelf life, they are also have more concentrated flavour, so it’s less needed than fresh herbs are used. Generally replace a 3:1 ratio ( 3 tsp of fresh herbs = 1 tsp of dried herbs)


How do I use Empathy Herbal herbs and spices?

Our herbs and spices can easily be used to cooking adding delicious flavour to almost every recipes(you can check our recipes for more ideas), as well as herbal teas, smoothies and lattes. Some of the herbs are also suitable for use in hair and skin care products, or you can add a scoop for a relaxing bath.

What herbs & spices go well with chicken?

When it comes to meat, chicken easily ranks at the top of the list. Depending on the recipe and cuisine, most of our herbs and spices go well with chicken, like Black Garlic Cloves and Black Garlic Puree, Red Ginger, Curcumin Forte, Turmeric & Cinnamon. We’ve created a few recipes about herbs with chicken, you could check out on recipes.


Dried Herbs and spices have multiple ways to use, whether in cooking, herbal tea, smoothie… We’re creating more recipes of how to use our herbs and spices, if your interested, please check our recipes

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