The HOW & WHY behind Empathy Herbal…

The Story of Empathy
A Journey from Adventurer to Farmer to Founder...

In 2005, I arrived at the Russell Square Tube Station after the bomb exploded and the gates were closed. I could see there were injured people inside, so I asked the ticket seller standing outside the gate “do you need a first aider?” and that’s where the story of empathy started… (The news clip is from a phone interview I did with channel 9, the day after the bombing)


10 years later, I travelled back to London to visit the station and monument to pay my respects. During this trip to Europe I visited an old friend who lives in Portugal – who offered me the opportunity to help his business & customers who were using natural remedies to overcome chronic health challenges.    This is WHY I moved to Indonesia and HOW I learnt

    –  to speak Bahasa Indonesia.

    –  to farm organically, traditionally.

    –  about Jamu, Indonesia’s traditional medicines.

    –  to understand that most pharmaceutical drugs are actually derived in part from plants.

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In 2019, while waiting at the airport to board a flight to Indonesia I read an old newspaper left on a seat. Inside the paper was an article about a terrorist attack in India that referenced the (AVOTOP) Australian Victims of Terrorism Overseas Payment.

When I returned to Australia I lodged an application for AVOTOP, which was automatically rejected because the 2005 London bombing event was outside the eligibility window. So, I appealed the decision because I’d been living in Indonesia during the eligibility window and was unaware the payment existed. A few months later to my surprise, I received a phone call telling me that my application had been approved!!! The money I received for helping victims of terrorism, I’ve used to create Empathy Herbal Pty Ltd.

As an Empath (empathetic human), it’s my belief that Empathy should be a subject taught in all Australian schools – like it has been in Denmark for the past 25 years! Teaching empathy would naturally eliminate bullying, resulting in the next generations of young Australians growing up to be more compassionate & peaceful people – creating a better society leading to an empathy planet.

Now, who wouldn’t want to live on Planet Empathy?

Please click the link to watch on youtube or contact me.

7 thoughts on “The HOW & WHY behind Empathy Herbal…”

  1. Love empathy with compassion to act
    Love your herbal remedies that have been part of my healing process since I met you Jim
    Love the video, website e products

  2. Great story Jimmy. It’s been quite a journey, one that has no doubt shaped you into the person you are today. I look forward to following the next phase and seeing more of your wonderful products.

  3. Well done Jimmy. Thanks for sharing these insights of your journey. It makes it easy to see where your passion comes from. And the products speak for themselves.
    Keep doing great things ✌🏻

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