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BG Black Garlic

If you’re a fan of classic white garlic, you’re sure to adore Black Garlic!

Even if you not a garlic lover, you’ll most likely still enjoy Black Garlic

“ Black Garlic is often labelled as a ‘fine food’, which can be misleading.”  

Meals Made Easy

The label ‘fine food’ is frequently attached to black garlic, a term that can sometimes be misleading. When you hear ‘fine food,’ very fancy dishes quickly come to mind. Dishes that are exceptionally exquisite and more complex to make. Because of this idea, many people may not use black garlic in their regular cooking.

We would prefer you to consider the incredible health benefits you will gain by incorporating black garlic into your everyday diet. It’s beneficial for those suffering from chronic health conditions or looking for natural preventative measures.

It’s worth rethinking: Black Garlic is not reserved for special times or fancy meals. Describing black garlic as a ‘fine food’ may possibly be a clever way for companies to elevate the cost of this everyday product. We at Empathy Herbal don’t think this is fair to you, the consumer.

Ma Meals Made Easy

“Black garlic is incredibly versatile and be incorporated into any dish. It’s an essential addition to both medicine cabinets and kitchen pantries.”

Meals Made Easy

Imagine this scenario: You’ve invested your precious time preparing a meal for yourself or your family, yet the flavours fall short of expectations. In such moments, a mere spoonful of black garlic puree could be the magic touch, enchanting and elevating the taste to new heights. I’d love you to try it; the chances are, you’ll most likely agree….

Believe it or not, black garlic is relatively easy to create. You could make it in your own kitchen with a simple appliance, however, it takes several weeks. Certain crucial variables contribute to enhanced health benefits and improved flavour. These factors set Bg® apart from homemade black garlic or store-bought alternatives.

Over the next few weeks, months & years we’re going to break that stereotype by incorporating Bg® | black garlic into simple, healthy & delicious meals (and snacks ) – Meals Made Easy…

Black Garlic Recipes by Meals Made Easy for Empathy Herbal (mumzy & me)

Introducing…. Meals Made Easy

Allow me the delightful opportunity to introduce you to our featured home cook and chef extraordinaire, Helen Hancock, also known as “Meal Made Easy.” And guess what? She’s none other than my fantastic and incredible mum!

A happily retired grandmother of 2, she has generosity decided to step out of retirement, investing her precious time to acquire new computer skills. To demonstrate just how fast and effortless it can be to create wholesome meals, while incorporating the goodness of black garlic!

Meals Made Easy I

“I’ve enjoyed cooking for so long. Picking up supermarket magazines and staying up to date with new trends is a favoured hobby.  However there is nothing better that adapting an old recipe and giving it a new twist.”

Meals Made Easy

Aged Black Garlic Healthy & Delicious _ cloves & puree

Black Garlic Recipe 11 of 101 – an oldie but a goodie

Cheese with black garlic the best healthy snack

Cheese with Black Garlic Biscuit | Healthy Snacks – meals made easy

Cheese & Black Garlic Biscuit (black garlic recipe 11 of 10)

Cheese with black garlic biscuits

These cheese biscuits are incredibly easy to whip up. They offer a delicious and wholesome choice for school lunches, quick snacks, or a distinctive and impressive homemade addition to kick start any gathering with family or friends. A pinch of cayenne pepper gives them a bit of heat that set them apart from any store-bough alternatives.

Black Garlic Recipe 16 of 101 – Ricotta Black Garlic and Vegetable (free-form) Tart. I love this recipe because

  • A Free-form tart (open pie or pastry) lacks a top crust, so it showcases the delicious ingredients.
  • The rustic appearance makes them forgiving. Ideal for beginners, who can just focus on vibrant & flavourful fillings.
  • Cream cheese pastry is a versatile addition that elevates both texture and flavour. Its moisture-retaining properties prevent your pastry dish from drying out, while its user-friendly nature adds the advantage of easy handling.
Ricotta Black Garlic and Vegetable Tart

Ricotta Black Garlic and Vegetable Tart – meals made easy

Meals Made Easy I

” I’m all about working smarter not harder, hence the name meals made easy… “

In Conclusion

The label of ‘fine food’ often attached to black garlic can be misleading, as it suggests exclusivity and complexity. However, the true value of black garlic lies in its incredible health benefits and versatility for everyday use.

This remarkable ingredient can transform ordinary dishes into extraordinary ones, and its user-friendliness should not be underestimated. As we venture forward, we aim to break these misconceptions by showcasing the ease and deliciousness of incorporating black garlic into simple, healthy, and delightful meals.

Black Garlic Recipes

(downloadable & printable)

by Meals Made Easy

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