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What is mulling wine


Discover the FLAVOURSOME & FESTIVE DRINK, for cold & dark winter days. As the temperature drops so does our festive motivation for drinking cold alcoholic beverages. So, what is mulling wine & why is it a popular option for cold winter days? MULLING WINE ‘Gluehwein’ is trendy for several reasons

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slow cooker mulled wine

Mulled Wine in Slow Cooker

Mulled Wine in Slow Cooker Do you have a winning recipe or does the flavour of you mulled wine vary from time to time? DID YOU KNOW: Most people brewing mulled wine dont accurately follow the recipe. They add a bit more of this or less of that – and

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healthy smoothies

Herbal Smoothie – 9 Quick andEasy Recipes

Smoothies are becoming a convenient and great choice for healthy eaters, and it’s super easy to make. Whether you’re not good at cooking or don’t have time to cook, a glass of smoothie could gain your daily nutrients, all you need to do is fill it with fruits, veggies and

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Mulled wine best wine 1

BEST wine MULLED WINE – which to use?

BEST wine MULLED WINE Mulled wine recipes vary greatly around the world. So what’s important to remember when trying to brew the best mug of mulled wine?​ Mulled wine Best Wine – 4 key thing to consider… The type of wine. The time allowed to brew the spices. How alcoholic

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Mulled Wine, Gluhwein & Spiced Wine

Mulled Wine, Gluhwein & Spiced Wine

  Mulled Wine, Gluehwein & Spiced Wine Frequently Asked Question Mulled Wine Names Mulled Wine, Gluehwein or Spiced Wine, WHAT’s the difference? Nothing, they are all the same! The concept of infusing hot wine with spices has existed for Centuries. The practice has been adopted by countries throughout Europe and

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