Which Wine is BEST for Making mulled wine

BEST wine MULLED WINE – which to use?

With literally 1,000’s of wines to chooses from… How do you know which is the best wine for mulled wine?

This comprehensive guide can help you create the perfect mug of wine to satisfy family & friends.

Customisable Recipe for Mulled Wine

Recipes vary greatly around the world. So, what’s important to remember when trying to brew the best mulled wine?

  1. The type of wine
  2. The time allowed to brew the spices
  3. How alcoholic you want your mulled wine to be
  4. How much extra sugar you want to add

Consider these key factors to ensure your brew is the best for mulled wine enthusiasts.

Choosing the right type of wine is essential for making great mulled wine. There’s no need to splurge on expensive bottles; a mid to low-range wine works perfectly. You can even use cask wine or a mix of bottle and cask wine. Once heated with spices for a few hours, the flavours meld beautifully, transforming the taste into a warm, inviting beverage perfect for any gathering.

The best wines for mulled wine are robust reds like Merlot, Shiraz, or Cabernet Sauvignon. These wines hold up well during the heating and infusion process. Try to make at least 50% of your blend one of these to ensure your mulled wine is rich and full-bodied.

Properly brewing the spices is crucial for a flavoursome mulled wine. Some people prefer a mild spice, while others like a heavy spice. It’s important to consider who will be enjoying this mulled wine with you. A simple rule to remember is: the longer, the stronger. After 6–8 hours on low heat, you’ll have dark, strong, and heavy mulled wine.

The length of time you allow the spices to infuse will govern the flavour and aroma of your mulled wine.

Adjusting the alcohol content of your mulled wine is simple. For a stronger brew, cook on low heat for a longer time, then add a splash of brandy, port, or spirits before serving. This will ensure your mulled wine has a warm kick that many enjoy.

If you prefer a lighter mulled wine, cook on high heat. Boiling wine causes the alcohol to evaporate, but be careful not to boil for too long, or you’ll end up with an empty pot. You can also choose a non-alcoholic wine, but your selection may be limited.

Another option is to brew the mulled wine at full strength, then dilute the mix with juice or soda water to taste. For a kid-friendly version, you could use straight juice, creating a festive and alcohol-free beverage that everyone can enjoy.

The sweetness of your mulled wine is up to you. Our DIY mulled wine kits contain a small amount of coconut sugar, which helps reduce the mouth-puckering taste of wine tannins. However, a small amount of honey or maple syrup can add another level of sweetness and flavour.

You could choose to sweeten by adding juice or alcoholic cider, which also enhances the complexity of the mulled wine.

Remember to add sugar gradually to avoid overpowering the other flavours in your mulled wine. Aim for a balanced sweetness that complements the spices and wine.

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Want the Best Recipe for Mulled Wine?

Mulled Wine Made Easy

Combine our DIY Mulled Wine Kit with your choice of wine & brewing method to customise the flavour to suit your tastebuds. 

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Why is Mulled Wine so popular around the world?

Mulled wine is popular worldwide for its warm, comforting taste, especially in cold weather. Its blend of red wine, spices like cinnamon and cloves, and sweeteners creates a festive aroma and flavour. It’s often associated with winter holidays and gatherings, making it a traditional favourite. The drink also has historical roots in Europe, adding to its charm. The combination of warmth, tradition, and rich flavours makes mulled wine a beloved beverage globally.

Brewing methods and ingredient variations differ geographically, but one consistent principle is

The colder the weather, the warmer and spicier the drink, the better it feels.

This makes any recipe for mulled wine especially comforting and enjoyable.

Best Red Wine for Mulled Wine

In Australia, mulled wine is largely under appreciated considering the quality of red wine produced and the cold temperatures in the South half of our continent.

Bottled mulled wine is available in bottle shops but the taste and smell cannot compare to brewing your own winter warming drop…

Why isn’t mulled wine more popular in Australia?

Mulled wine isn’t very popular in Australia primarily due to its warm climate, especially during the festive season, which makes hot beverages less appealing.

Additionally, Australian cultural preferences lean towards chilled alcoholic drinks like beers and white wines, and there’s limited exposure and availability of mulled wine. Traditional holiday activities also favour refreshing drinks over hot, spiced wine.

Can you Make Mulled Wine in Summer?

Summer Recipe for Mulled Wine

Summer Recipe for Mulled Wine

Yes, you can enjoy mulled wine in summer, similar to sangria. Serve it chilled over ice with soda water for a refreshing twist. Use lighter red wines (or white wine for something different) and infuse with the spices in our mulled wine kit – cinnamon, star anise and citrus fruits. Adding fresh berries or vanilla has yet another level of deliciousness. 

This cold mulled wine variant offers a delightful blend of fruity and spicy flavours. It’s perfect for warm Christmases in the Southern Hemisphere and summer gatherings, providing a unique alternative to traditional summer beverages.

Which is the Best Wine for Mulled Wine?

Aussies Wines or Imported Wines

Australian Wines for Mulling Wine

Australian wines bring bold, fruity flavours to mulled wine. Varieties like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon enhance the spiced beverage with rich berry notes and a full-bodied texture. They often blend well with spices, creating a warm, robust drink.


International Wines for Mulling Wine

French, Italian, and Californian wines each offer unique qualities. French wines, such as those from Bordeaux, add a sophisticated, layered flavour. Italian wines, particularly from Tuscany, bring balanced acidity and subtle earthiness. Californian wines contribute approachable, fruit-forward profiles, making the mulled wine smooth and aromatic. Each non-Australian wine type offers a distinct twist to the traditional mulled wine experience.

Why we have the BEST Wine for Mulled Wine...

4 Reasons to Buy Australian Wine – this winter or summer…

Australia grows a wide range of grape varieties, including Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and more. This diversity allows for a rich selection of wine styles and flavours.

Australia’s large landmass means there’s a broad spectrum of climates and soils. This geographical diversity supports unique terroirs, each imparting distinct characteristics to the wines.

Australian winemakers often embrace innovation and modern techniques. This results in consistent quality and the ability to experiment with new styles and blends.

Australian wines offer excellent quality at competitive prices. This makes them accessible and appealing to a wide range of consumers, both domestically and internationally.

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Perfect Mulled Wine EVERY TIME

Try our Ready-to-Use Mulled Wine Kit

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4 Step Easy Recipe for Mulled Wine

  1. Open the mulled wine kit, then drop the spiced teabag into your slow cooker or rice cooker.
  2. Open the bottles or cask, then pour the wine into the cooker
  3. Turn the cooker on, then set on low for 4 – 5 hours (stirring & tasting occasionally)
  4. ENJOY with family or friends!

Satisfaction is Guaranteed 

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Which is Australia's Best Red Wine for Mulled Wine?

Now we understand why Australia produced the best wine for making mulled wine. And why using a mulled wine kit takes the leg work & guess work out of how much of which spices to use.

It’s time to explore the different varieties of grape we grow down under and choose how we want our mulled wine to taste. 

Australia has 65 wine-growing regions, each with unique climates and soils, producing a wide variety of wines. Renowned areas include the Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley, Margaret River, and Yarra Valley, each contributing distinct characteristics to the Australian wine industry.

Australia renowned for its high-quality red wines. The chart below highlights the annual production of the country’s ten most common red wine grape varieties, showcasing their prominence and distinctive traits.

Known for its bold, spicy flavours and rich texture. Shiraz thrives in warm climates like Barossa Valley, producing wines with intense berry, pepper, and chocolate notes. It’s Australia’s signature red.

Popular for its deep colour, full body, and strong tannins. Cabernet Sauvignon often exhibits flavours of blackcurrant, mint, and eucalyptus, particularly from regions like Coonawarra with its unique terra rossa soil.

Valued for its soft, velvety texture and fruity profile. Merlot typically offers flavours of plum, black cherry, and hints of chocolate. It’s a smoother, more approachable alternative to Cabernet Sauvignon.

Appreciated for its light body, delicate flavours, and complexity. Grown in cooler regions like Yarra Valley, Pinot Noir features red fruit flavours, floral aromas, and earthy undertones, making it unique among Australian reds.

Known for its sweet berry flavours and spiciness. Grenache thrives in warm regions like McLaren Vale, producing wines with red fruit, spice, and herbaceous notes. It’s often used in blends and single varietals.

Adds structure and depth to blends, with earthy and spicy notes. Mourvèdre is often blended with Grenache and Shiraz to create the popular GSM blend, enhancing the wine’s complexity and age-worthiness.

Typically used in blends to add colour, tannins, and floral notes. Petit Verdot’s small, thick-skinned berries contribute intense colour and rich flavours of violet, dark fruit, and spice, ideal for enhancing blends.

Gaining popularity for its versatility and flavours of berries, plum, and tobacco. Originally from Spain, Tempranillo adapts well to Australia’s varied climates, offering a medium-bodied, food-friendly wine with a distinctive character.

Known for its high acidity and savoury flavours. Sangiovese produces wines with bright cherry, tomato leaf, and earthy notes. It’s the primary grape in Italian Chianti, now increasingly grown in Australia’s wine regions.

Valued for its jammy fruit flavours and peppery spice. Though less common, Zinfandel thrives in regions like Barossa Valley, producing robust wines with blackberry, raspberry, and black pepper notes, offering a bold alternative to Shiraz.

Annual Production (tons) of Red Wine Grapes in Australia (1)

Annual Production (tons) of Red Wine Grapes in Australia

Lets take a closers look at the top 5 Aussies vines & Discover the Best Wine for Mulled Wine

Here’s a comparison of the top 5 Australian red wines and their suitability for brewing into mulled wine. Each wine is evaluated for its flavour and aroma when brewed quickly (1-2 hours) and slowly (6-7 hours).

To further evaluate the suitability of each variety of wine we’ve used a mulled wine kit containing red ginger, cinnamon, mango turmeric, dehydrated orange, clove, nutmeg, star anise, and coconut sugar. This guide provides insights into how each wine variety performs, helping you choose the best option for a delightful mulled wine experience.

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Best Wine for Mulled Wine

SHIRAZ mulled wine

Suitability Ranking: 9/10

Fast Brew (1-2 hours)

  • Flavour: Bold and fruity, with intense berry and chocolate notes. The quick brew captures the immediate richness and robustness of Shiraz.
  • Aroma: Spicy and rich, with prominent pepper and cinnamon from the spices blending seamlessly with Shiraz’s natural profile.

Slow Brew (6-7 hours)

  • Flavour: Deep and complex, with enhanced spice and chocolate undertones. The longer brew time allows the flavours to meld and develop a richer profile.
  • Aroma: Strong and warming spices with a hint of smokiness, adding depth to the aromatic experience.


Suitability Ranking: 8/10

Fast Brew (1-2 hours)

  • Flavour: Rich, with blackcurrant and eucalyptus, slightly minty. The quick brew retains the vibrant fruitiness and herbal notes.
  • Aroma: Fresh and herbal, with strong blackcurrant notes, providing a refreshing yet robust scent.

Slow Brew (6-7 hours)

  • Flavour: Deep and full-bodied, with pronounced tannins and complex eucalyptus flavours. The slow brew enhances the depth and complexity.
  • Aroma: Earthy, with intensified herbal and mint aromas, creating a grounding and sophisticated scent.
Australian Vines and Wines

The best wine for mulled wine recipe

MERLOT mulled wine

Suitability Ranking: 7/10

Fast Brew (1-2 hours)

  • Flavour: Soft and velvety, with plum and black cherry. The quick brew highlights Merlot’s smooth and approachable characteristics.
  • Aroma: Fruity and inviting, with hints of chocolate, making it a comforting and accessible choice.

Slow Brew (6-7 hours)

  • Flavour: Smooth, with mellow fruit and enhanced chocolate undertones. The extended brew time enriches the flavours, making them more cohesive.
  • Aroma: Rich and sweet, with deeper chocolate notes, adding a luxurious touch to the aroma.

PINOT NOIR mulled wine

Suitability Ranking: 6/10

Fast Brew (1-2 hours)

  • Flavour: Light and delicate, with red fruit and floral notes. The quick brew preserves the subtlety and freshness of Pinot Noir.
  • Aroma: Subtle, with a mix of floral and red fruit, offering a refined and elegant scent.

Slow Brew (6-7 hours)

  • Flavour: Complex, with earthy undertones and enhanced fruit flavours. The slow brew brings out deeper and more intricate flavours.
  • Aroma: Richer, with intensified earthy and floral notes, creating a more robust aromatic profile.
Making Mulled Wine in Australia

Mulled wine making in Australia

GRENACHE mulled wine

Suitability Ranking: 7/10

Fast Brew (1-2 hours)

  • Flavour: Sweet berry and spicy, with herbaceous notes. The quick brew captures Grenache’s natural sweetness and spice.
  • Aroma: Fruity and aromatic, with prominent spice, offering an inviting and vibrant scent.

Slow Brew (6-7 hours)

  • Flavour: Rich and robust, with deep berry and spice flavours. The slow brew allows the flavours to fully integrate and deepen.
  • Aroma: Intense, with a strong blend of fruit and spices, providing a powerful and captivating aroma.

Other Notable Wine Varieties

Lambrusco / Dolce Rosso – These Italian grape varieties are often sold in 4-liter casks and are popular among backpackers in Australia. Known for their natural sweetness, Lambrusco and Dolce Rosso are typically blending with other wines to enhance sweetness of mulled wine without added extra sugar.

Note: Taste and smell are subjective experiences and can vary greatly between individuals. Additionally, the addition of water, juice, cider, port, or spirit can further refine the taste of brewed mulled wine, enhancing its complexity and richness.

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Top 3 Reasons to use a Mulled Wine Kit

Convenience & Ease of Preparation:

Mulled wine kits come with all the essential ingredients pre-measured and ready to use. This eliminates the need for shopping and measuring, making it incredibly convenient to prepare a delicious batch of mulled wine quickly and effortlessly.

Customise for your Taste Buds:

While the kits provide a reliable base, they also allow for personal touches. You can add your favourite fruits, extra spices, or even a splash of brandy to customize the flavour to your liking, giving you the best of both worlds: convenience and personalization.

Great for Entertaining:

A mulled wine kit is a fantastic addition to any party or holiday gathering. It allows you to serve a warm, festive drink with minimal effort, impressing your guests with its rich aroma and flavour. Plus, the delightful scent of mulling spices simmering on the stove adds to the cosy, inviting atmosphere of your home.

Using a mulled wine kit is a great way to enjoy this seasonal favourite without hassle, ensuring a delicious drink for any occasion.

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