slow cooker mulled wine

Mulled Wine in Slow Cooker

Mulled Wine in Slow Cooker

Do you have a winning recipe or does the flavour of you mulled wine vary from time to time?

DID YOU KNOW: Most people brewing mulled wine dont accurately follow the recipe. They add a bit more of this or less of that – and it really comes down the spices they have at hand at the time.

Some people dont even follow a recipe! This usually occurs midway through the 3rd bottle, when there taste buds are craving a sweeter & spicier drink to continue the festive vibes….

Mulled Wine in Slow Cooker – A Simple Recipe for dummies

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Mulled Wine in Slow Cooker, step by step guide.

Prep Time: 4 Minutes!

Step 1) Pull out your slow cooker (or rice maker).

Step 2) Open our packet & empty the contents into the bowl.

Step 3) Add your choice of wine, set the slow cooker to low, close the lid & wait 3 – 8 hours.

Step 4) Open the lid & serve beautifully warming spicy mulled wine.

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How to get the best results using a Mulled Wine Kit.

Slow brewing (strong spice flavour): – Mix our mulled wine spice packet with your choice of wine in a slow cooker, utilizing the low setting. After a couple of hours of cooking the mulled wine aroma will start to fill your kitchen, resist the urge & allow the spices to infuse all day. About an hour before you wish to drink the wine remove the lid and allow the brew to reduce by 10 – 20%. This will cause the mulled wine to become thicker, darker and spicier. Add a cup of port, sherry, or brandy to increase the alcohol content and improve the mulled wine warming effect.

Fast brewing (stronger wine flavour): – By using the high setting on your slow cooker you can create mulled wine for 1 – 2 hours or even less. This method is ideal if you’re using a good bottle of wine you wish to lightly infuse with spice. Caution the brew does not boil, this will reduce the alcohol content and increase the spice flavour.

Less alcoholic (strong spice flavour): – Choose a sweeter less alcoholic wine ie dolce rosso or Moscato. Boiling mulled wine will cause the alcohol to evaporate, removing the lid while boiling with reducing the volume, making it sweeter and spicier.

More alcoholic (warm body): – Adding port, sherry, brandy, vodka, or other spirits will obviously increase the alcohol content. Avoid adding them while the wine is still brewing as the alcohol may evaporate.

Combination of wines: – Mixing varieties of wines is a great way to fine-tune our slow cooker mulled wine recipe. Quick Tip – Combining a sweet and dry wine gives you robust flavour without needing to add additional sugar or water.

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Tannins: – If your mulled wine is missing the mark, it could be the tannin’s fault. Try adding a little water, and sugar or brewing the wine for longer.

What are Tannins? Tannins are derived from the skin, seed, and stem of grapes, they are responsible for your face distorting when drinking red wine. They are an important descriptor when tasting wine and are often stronger in younger or cheaper wines, which have not had the time to soften up with age


How to Mulled Wine PERFECTLY?

” A watched pot never boils. “

When brewing mulled wine in slow cooker this is essential, because boiling reduced the alcohol content. SO, set your slow cooker or rice cooker to low to ensure your wine stays the perfect temperature for optimal infusion. Making sure your brewed wine packs a punch at the party.

Mulled Wine Benefits

Mulled wine is a winter favorite among many, offering rich, mulled spices and flavors. Not only is mulled wine tasty, it also has several health benefits! There are antioxidants in mulled wine that protect against heart disease and regulate blood pressure. The mulling spices include ginger, cinnamon, anise, cloves, and more – all of which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition to being tasty and beneficial for your health, mulled wine also makes for a great celebratory drink or cozy night in. So why not invite some friends over to enjoy a delicious mulled wine together this holiday season?

Mulled Wine Names

Mulled wine has origins in Europe, but no one country can lay claim to mulled wine. There’s just as much diversity in mulled wine names as there is in mulled wines themselves! From ‘Glogg’ in Sweden, to ‘Glïwein’ in Germany and ‘Vin Chaud’ in France – mulled wine has many names, each specific to its country of origin. Whatever you call it, mulled wine is a wintertime treat that brings warmth and joy to the holiday season!

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