Aioli Black Garlic

Aioli Black Garlic Recipes – Traditional & Mayonnaise

Black Garlic Aioli – A new twist to an old recipe

Aiolo is a deliciously versatile sauce made from blending garlic, salt and olive oil. Originally from the Northwest Mediterranean, the literal translation means ‘garlic oil’ in Catalan and Valencia. Purist in Spain believe the use of egg or other seasoning is not permitted for the sauce to be called aioli. However, over the border in France & Italy the use of egg yolk, mustard and lemon juice in the sauce is permitted. It’s popularity as a condiment has resulted in a modern and more commercial definition, regarding any type of flavoured mayonnaise eligible.

Black Garlic Aioli

Traditional Aioli

The traditional method for making black garlic aioli is more challenging requiring black garlic cloves to be mashed into a paste. Olive oil is slowly added while the black garlic paste is being consistently stirred to emulsify the mixture. The only difference between this method and the Spanish version is that raw white garlic is substituted for aged black garlic. The modern method is extremely simple – mix black garlic paste with mayonnaise 1:3.

Both methods / sauces have their place in the culinary arena. The traditional process is great for drizzling over vegetables or mixing into a vinaigrette. It makes a delicate sauce for cooking seafood including Morton bay bugs, prawns, crab, and fish. Or it can be the core ingredient for a chicken marinade, mixing into a pesto pasta or spread on the base of bruschetta

Modern Aioli

The modern aioli / garlic mayonnaise is perfect for spreading burgers, focaccia, or dipping chips into. It can be added to an antipasto platter or used as a condiment like tartar sauce, tomato sauce or mustard.

Black Garlic Aioli

Black Garlic Aioli is increasing in popularity due the the odorless nature of aged black garlic & its supreme health properties. The 40 day process used to transform regular white garlic into black garlic results in a vegetable that is shelf stable, meaning black garlic can be store up to 12 months.

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