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Black Garlic Rice Recipe – rice cooker method

– Black Garlic Rice Recipe –

Our black garlic rice recipe using a rice cooker get a 1/10 on the culinary difficulty scale. However, the taste, health benefits and versatility of the side dish receives a 8/10…

In our video we chose to use black garlic paste to mix with water and cook with rice, but you could easily use black garlic butter, oil or even diced cloves to achieve a similar result.  Alternative you could use chicken stock or vegetable stock in place of water.

Why choose black garlic to cook with rice?

  •  Black garlic is a healthier option, it containing double the antioxidants of raw  / white garlic.
  •  White garlic causes bad breath, black garlic is odorless and has a sweeter umami flavour.
  • Black garlic is shelf stable, meaning peeled cloves can last for over 12 months. Fresh garlic will start to grow within a few weeks & minced garlic has little to no health benefits.

Which rice is best to use?

In this video we opted for white rice, however all varieties are suitable. White rice has been polished to remove the bran layers and germ, It has a lower nutritive value compared to brown rice or whole grain rice where the bran layers and germ are intact.

garlic rice

Our black garlic rice recipe couldn’t be easier when create in a rice cooker, the results are delicious and healthy.

  1. Add rice to a rice cooker
  2. Mix black garlic paste with water, stir for 10 seconds until the paste has dissolved.
  3. Pour black garlic stock into the rice cooker then press the switch to ‘cook’.
  4. Wait until the rice cooker switches to ‘warm’.
  5. Serve with curry chickpea, beef stew, stroganoff or hotpot dishes.

Adaptation – Add some turmeric or red ginger powder for extra flavour, colour or to increase the health properties.

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