What is Jamu?


What is Jamu?

Traditional Indonesian JAMU

Jamu is the name for traditional / herbal remedies in Indonesia. They have been carefully cultivated & safely consumed for Millennium. Jamu consists of natural materials such as roots, leaves, bark / resin, flowers, seeds, and some fruits – being processed into powder, capsules, balms & drinks.

When did Jamu become popular?

In the early 2000’s Jamu became more main-stream as people looked for a natural preventative option to combat increasing rates of chronic disease. Its popularity has further increase as people turn away from the pharmaceutical option (treatments & unwanted side effects) in flavour of using herbal remedies as the first option response.

Where's the Evidence?

Jamu Herbal Remedies

Indonesian Jamu herbal remedies have been proven & peer-reviewed using the following methods…

1) Backed by Science

Silico: Experimentation performed by computers.

Vivo: Medical studies or experiments on living organisms – animals or humans

Vitro: Medical studies or experiments in laboratory dishes and test tubes.

2) In 2019, Jamu was officially recognized as part of Indonesia’s intangible cultural heritage, validating its significance and effectiveness.

3) Our 100’s satisfied customers testament to the quality and consistency of our Herbal Remedie.

Why is Jamu so good for you?

Our Jamu is completely natural & organic, produced in the same manner it has been for Centuries! The risk of suffering unwanted side effects is low, when compared to some pharmaceutical alternative treatments.

Why is JAMU so Popular?

* Caution should be taken when using Jamu in combination with prescription medication. We advise starting low & going slow, to see how your body responds. For advice specific to your needs please consult your local GP.

Which Jamu is best for you & how do I use it?

JAMU, Anti Inflammatory foods for Health.
JAMU in an Anti Inflammatory Diet

Powder, puree, capsules and cloves are available. If you make a drink in the morning, then powders or peeled cloves maybe the best option. If not, then capsules or puree are probably the easier.

Who should use Jamu?

Old, young, healthy or sick. Jamu can be used for prevention and treatment – benefiting anyone and everyone!

How much & often should I take?

The recommended dose can vary from person to person and change over time. However, a general rule of thumb is…

How much Jamu do you need?

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