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Moringa Powder & Capules – Frequently Asked Question

FAQ – Moringa Powder & Capsules

What is Moringa?

Moringa oleifera is a highly revering herbal remedy with an impressive nutrition profile. The plant has deservedly earned the reputation as ‘nature’s medicine cabinet’, ‘the miracle tree’ & ‘the tree of life’ because every part of the plant can be used for one purpose or another.

Moringa Health Benefits?

Moringa’s health benefits are diverse & plentiful! Hundreds of clinical studies completed over the past 3 decades have shown moringa can benefit.

Chronic disease, digestion, cardiovascular health, liver function, arthritis, brain function, breast milk production and immune system response – among other benefits.

How to use Moringa?

Moringa powder is a great smoothie booster because of its pleasant yet mild taste, diverse nutritional profile & numerous health benefits. Being a whole food, its abundant macro & micronutrients are rapidly digested by our bodies, unlike some super-green powders, which are much less bio-available.

Moringa powder can also be added to cooking or baking, with excellent results.

How much Moringa powder should I use?

With herbal remedies, it is always best to start low and go slow. The idea dose can vary from person to person and change over time.

Dose guide

1 -2 weeks: Start with 1-2 capsules or ½ teaspoon – Start to incorporate moringa into you daily routine.

3-4 weeks: Double your intake.

5-6 weeks: Double your intake.

+7 weeks: Continue to steadily increase your dose to 5 – 8g per day or until you experience a satisfactory improvement in your health.

From a nutritional standpoint, because moringa leaves contain such diverse nutritional properties, it’s virtually impossible to eat too much. The more moringa powder you add to your diet, the more of your RDI of essential nutrients & vitamins, you are consuming from one source!

What’s better capsules or powder?

This is a question only you can answer. Ask yourself – what am I most likely to incorporate into my daily routine?

Moringa Powder Benefits: Rapid absorption, mild & pleasant taste, multiple applications in food and drink & long shelf life. Great addition to smoothies & juices, far more palatable than some spirulina, matcha or super-green powders.

Negatives: Powder doesn’t dissolve easily.

Moringa Capsules Benefits: Easy to travel with, shelf-stable, easy to consume with water, no taste, no texture.

Negatives: You may need to take +10 capsules daily, capsules may feel large to swallow initially, with slightly slower absorption/activation.

Which is better, fresh leaf or dried moringa powder?

If you’re lucky enough to have an established moringa tree in your garden, then fresh is probably better, as it contains higher levels of Vitamin C. But the problem is, once leaves are picked, they start to wilt within hours affecting their pleasant taste & nutritional properties. And picking over 500g of leaves per week may negatively affect the growth of your ‘miracle tree’.

For the rest of use Premium Moringa Powder is best because it has a long shelf, retaining potent nutritional compounds, particularly antioxidants & amino acids.

On average moringa leaves will reduce 90% – meaning 80g of fresh leaf will dry to become 8g of powder, which is considered by some the optimal daily dose.

What’s the best way to store Moringa Powder?

The best way to preserve the quality of your premium Moringa powder is to re-seal the bag immediately after opening, then store it in a cool, dark and dry place.

How does Moringa oleifera leaf powder interact with other medications?

There have been no negative reports. However, (as stated above) it’s always best to start low and go slow when starting a new herbal remedy.

Supplementing your diet with moringa can improve your health naturally, resulting in you potentially needing to reduce the strength of your medication or eliminate it completely.

Some people may wish to speak with their doctor prior to starting, and others may wish to have semi-regular check-ups to monitor their progress in combating chronic health conditions naturally.

When will I see the results?

Everybody responds differently to moringa powder. Some people will notice benefits immediately, while others may take a few weeks or months. If you’re using our dose guide, you will most likely start to see benefits within 2 – 3 weeks.

Is Moringa a cure for malnutrition globally?

Well, it’s a big call but, YES! When you consider…

  1. How easy moringa trees are to grow (drought resistant)
  2. The diverse growing locations (Africa, Asia, Sth America – developing socio economic regions)
  3. How affordable Moringa crops are to cultivate & the long shelf life of moringa powder.
  4. The volume & diversity of nutritional compounds ‘’Moringa is considered a nutrient powerhouse because its plentiful essential nutrients are unmatched by any other food’’.
  5. Various uses for moringa trees ie. leaf, seed, seed pod, root, flower, bark & wood.

For example

  • A study in South Africa has found moringa seed pressing to be a beneficial natural treatment for raw water.
  • Another study has concluded adding moringa leaves and seed to cattle fed may assist rumen fermentation reducing methane production. Which has been identified as a major contributor to the rise of damaging greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere.

OKAY, Sounds good!

I want to Buy Premium Organic Moringa Powder

I want to Buy Premium Organic Moringa Capsules

FAQ Moringa Powder & Capsules – More Information

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  1. I’m a pensioner and have just started on two capsules a day. If I need to up to 10 a day it will me way too expensive for me to maintain. Are there cheaper places they can be bought? I’ve only started to take them this week so, I don’t know the benefits yet.

    1. Empathy Herbal

      Our subscription options offer the best price possible for our range of health herbs. If they are still too expensive you could try buying (and using) powder or try making the capsules yourself. We have little semi-manual machines that make 100 capsules at a time, fell free to email us if your keen to try this option. [email protected]

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