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MULLED WINE KIT Brew the PERFECT mug or jug of mulled wine every time.

Love love love this. Had so much fun making this Mulled Wine. Making it made me feel I was there at a Christmas market in Germany – Dianne C

 Slow cooker mulled wine easy recipe: Simple to make, serve & store – Enjoy hot or cold – Brew with or without alcohol. 

Our mulled wine spice kit: contains a healthy & delicious blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, star anise, red ginger, white turmeric, dehydrated orange & coconut sugar. 


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Buy Mulled Wine Kit

Discover the ease of homemade mulled wine in a slow cooker!

Our mulled wine kit is perfect for crafting a delightful beverage for both adults (using wine) and kids (using juice). Tailor the kit to suit your taste buds and budget.

The mulled wine spice mix is free from preservatives, ensuring a unique and enjoyable experience every time. You’ll never want to buy bottled mulled wine again!

Mulled Wine Kit Australia

Our healthy & delicious mulled wine kit contains the ideal blend & ratio of herbs & spices…

  • Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Clove: These spices add warmth and depth, enhancing the fruity and spicy characteristics of the wines.
  • Star Anise: Contributes an exotic and licorice-like note, providing complexity to the mulled wine.
  • Red Ginger & White Turmeric: Add a touch of warmth and earthiness, complementing the overall spice blend.
  • Dehydrated Orange: Adds a citrusy brightness, balancing the richness of the red wines.
  • Coconut Sugar: Provides sweetness and a subtle tropical undertone, harmonizing with the fruitiness of the wines.

* Each mulled wine kit brews 1-2 bottles (1L – 1.5L) of mulled wine.

The Perfect Mulled Wine Recipe

Get cozy this holiday season with our easy 4-step Mulled Wine Recipe: Open, Add, Set & Forget. Perfect for anyone looking to fill their home with the scent of spices and warmth, this slow cooker recipe turns your favorite wine into a festive treat in no time.

Mulled Wine Slow Cooker Recipe

Step 1: Open the bottle (or cast) of wine, then open the mulled wine kit.

TOP TIP: By keeping the combination & ratio of spices consistent you can become a master mulled wine maker.

  • Choose a variety of wine to your liking or try by mixing different wines together.
  • Red wine is traditional but white also works.
  • Experiment using old dry wines or young, soft, and fresh. Try sweet, fruity, organic, or no even alcoholic wines.

Step 2: Add your choice of wine and the mulled wine spice kit (+ cinnamon stick and dehydrated orange.

TOP TIP: The mulled wine tea bags contain a combination of powder and whole spices, which can be easily removed once brewed.

  • Powdered spices infuse quickly, while the cinnamon bark is best left to brew for hours.
  • A cup of water will help soften the tannins of the wine.
  • A cup of juice or a can of apple cider can add a little extra sweetness.

Step 3: Set the slow cooker or thermomixer on a low setting.

TOP TIP: You want the wine to become hot, without boiling.

  • Boiling wine reduces its alcohol content.
  • Keeping the lid while cooking on will stop your mulled wine evaporation.
  • After a couple of hours, the beautiful smell of mulled wine will fill the room, triggering your desire the taste.

Step 4: Forget you’ve made delicious, mulled wine until your family or friends have arrive.

TOP TIP: Unless they’ve already arrived and are eagerly awaiting a delicious mug of freshly brewed mulled wine. Then you’d best crack the cooker and be a hospitable host

Best Wine for Mulled Wine Australia

Australian wines are renowned for their diverse and robust flavour profiles. They exhibit exceptional suitability for crafting rich & aromatic mulled wine – marrying the unique characteristics of each grape with a carefully curated blend of warming spices.

Mulled Wine Australia

  1. Shiraz (Syrah)

Suitability:  9/10

Regions: Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Hunter Valley, Clare Valley.

The bold and robust nature of Shiraz stands up well to the intense spice combination. The spices enhance the wine’s peppery and dark berry notes, resulting in a deeply flavourful mulled wine.

  1. Cabernet Sauvignon

Suitability: 8/10

Regions: Coonawarra, Margaret River, Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale.

The robust tannins of Cabernet Sauvignon pair nicely with the spices, creating a luxurious mulled wine. The spices accentuate the blackcurrant and cassis flavours, offering a rich and structured profile.

  1. Merlot

Suitability: 7/10

Regions: Margaret River, Coonawarra, McLaren Vale.

Merlot’s softer profile may require a careful balance, but the spices can add depth and warmth. The result is a velvety mulled wine with cherry and vanilla undertones.

  1. Pinot Noir

Suitability: 6/10

Regions: Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Tasmania, Adelaide Hills.

Pinot Noir’s delicate nature can be overwhelmed by strong spices, so moderation is key. The spices can add complexity, with notes of red berries and a subtle warmth without overshadowing the wine’s elegance.

  1. Grenache

Suitability: 8/10

Regions: Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Clare Valley.

Grenache’s fruity and spicy character complements the spice kit well. The blend enhances the red fruit flavours, creating a vibrant and flavourful mulled wine.

  1. Tempranillo

Suitability: 9/10

Regions: McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, Heathcote.

Tempranillo’s bold structure pairs excellently with the spice combination. The spices accentuate the dark berry and plum notes, resulting in a robust and satisfying mulled wine.

Mulled Wine Recipe Australia

Once you’ve selected the right wine or wines to brew – it’s important to consider how long you want in infuse the mulled wine spices for. Shorter brewing time yields a lighter and more subtly spiced mulled wine, while an extended brewing period of over 6 hours intensifies the flavours and aromas, creating a deeply satisfying and complex beverage.

Less Than 3 Hours Brewing:

  • Flavour: The mulled wine brewed for a shorter duration reveals a gentle infusion of spices, providing a subtle warmth to the wine. Expect a delicate balance of fruity notes from the red wine, a hint of citrus from the dehydrated orange, and a touch of sweetness from the coconut sugar. The spices, while present, remain more restrained.
  • Aroma: The aroma is light and inviting, with a mild fragrance of the spice blend. The cinnamon and clove contribute a comforting scent, complemented by the subtle hints of nutmeg and star anise.

Over 6 Hours Brewing:

  • Flavour: Extending the brewing time beyond 6 hours intensifies the infusion of spices, resulting in a richer and more complex mulled wine. The red wine takes on deeper, spicier notes, with a robust combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and star anise. The coconut sugar contributes to a velvety sweetness that balances the overall profile.
  • Aroma: The aroma becomes more pronounced and layered, with a bold presence of the spice blend. The cinnamon and clove dominate, accompanied by the warmth of nutmeg and the exotic touch of star anise. The dehydrated orange adds a citrusy brightness to the overall bouquet.

Mulled Wine Food Pairings

Warm mulled wine pairs wonderfully with a variety of comfort foods. Consider serving it with rich and creamy cheeses, like brie or camembert, which complement the warm spices. Additionally, chocolate-based desserts, such as brownies or truffles, enhance the experience. Savoury snacks like nuts or even a charcuterie board with cured meats can also balance the sweetness of mulled wine. The key is to choose foods that harmonize with the spiced and aromatic qualities of the drink, creating a delightful and well-balanced tasting experience.

Cold Mulled Wine

When serving mulled wine cold, like a summer sangria, it pairs well with light and refreshing foods. Consider serving it alongside fresh fruit salads, especially those with berries, citrus, and stone fruits, to echo the fruity notes in the wine. Light salads with a citrus-based dressing or grilled seafood, prawns, or scallops beautifully complement the chilled mulled wine. Additionally, finger foods like bruschetta with tomato and basil or grilled chicken skewers can enhance the summer vibe while creating a well-matched and enjoyable combination.

What’s the difference between mulled wine, glogg & gluehwein?

Mulled wine, glogg, and gluhwein are essentially the same—a delightful winter drink. They’re warm, spiced red wines infused with cinnamon, cloves, and citrus. The only difference lies in their cultural origins; mulled wine is English, glogg is Nordic, and gluhwein is German. Different names, but the same cozy, spiced goodness.

Buy Mulled Wine Australia

Mulled wine is typically enjoyed warm, especially around the Christmas holidays. However, in Australia, Christmas comes during warmer weather, making it less than ideal for sipping warm drinks by a cozy fire.

Can you drink mulled wine cold?

Absolutely, brew hot and serve chilled! Cold mulled wine is delightful, especially when mixed with a bit of lemonade to add some fizz and sweetness. For an extra kick, splash in some vodka or another spirit to boost the alcohol content.

Where to Buy Mulled Wine Spice Mix?

Look no further! The finest spice mix for creating mulled wine is available right here and now. Our Mulled Wine Kits provide an easy and enjoyable way to make mulled wine in the comfort of your home. Plus, by trying different varieties of wine, you can tailor the flavour to your personal taste.

Buy Mulled Wine Spice Mix 

We’re so confident you’ll LOVE our Mulled Wine Kit – that if you don’t, we’ll give it to you for *free.

Empathy Herbal Australian Owned | Premium Quality Guaranteed | Sponsor Orangutan Project

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  1. C

    Yet to brew but smells great and arrived really quickly.

  2. DC

    Love love love this. Had so much fun making this Mulled Wine. Making it made me feel I was there at a Christmas market in Germany

  3. KJ
  4. H

    Scrummy on a cool winters day / night

  5. A

    Yum, a well nice packaging, great for Xmas gift!

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Q & A (1)

Q & A

What wine do you mix it with Debra asked on June 1, 2023

Traditionally red wine, but white wine or even juice can be used.
* Cask wine is generally most popular because it’s cheap & once the spices have brewed for 5 or 6 hours, they’re the dominant flavour & aroma.
Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon works well.
– If you like it sweeter you can add some sugar, honey or even a sweet wine like Lambrusco.
The benefit of using bottle wine is you can experiment more combining 2 different varieties of wine (for 1 sachet).
The mulled wine kit contents & ratio are well researched & have been perfected over time
* Your choice of wine, additives (port, sherry even apple cider) and brewing time will ultimately determine the flavour. This allows you to vary the flavour, aroma & potency suit your, family or friends taste buds and needs
Enjoy this winter warming treat!

Empathy Herbal answered on June 2, 2023 store manager
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  • Is this kit suitable for gifts or special occasions?

    Absolutely! Our Mulled Wine Spice Kit makes a wonderful and unique gift for friends, family, or colleagues, especially during the winter and Xmas season. It's beautifully packaged and ready for gifting.

  • What's the shelf life of the Mulled Wine Spice Kit?

    Our kit is packaged to ensure freshness. It typically has a shelf life of 12 to 18 months when stored in a cool, dark place.

  • Is the spice kit sweetened?

    Yes, our Mulled Wine Spice Kit includes coconut sugar, which adds a natural sweetness to your mulled wine. It's a healthier alternative to refined sugars, enhancing the taste without compromising on quality.

  • Can I use this spice blend in other recipes besides mulled wine?

    Yes, the spice blend is versatile and can be used to add a warm and aromatic touch to various recipes, including desserts, hot beverages, and even savoury dishes.

  • Is the kit suitable for non-alcoholic versions of mulled wine?

    Absolutely! You can use non-alcoholic red grape juice or cider as a substitute for wine, creating a delicious non-alcoholic mulled drink suitable for all ages.

  • What makes your Mulled Wine Spice Kit unique?

    Our blend includes not only the traditional mulled wine spices but also exotic ingredients like red ginger and white turmeric, enhancing the flavour profile and making your mulled wine experience truly unique.

  • What's the flavour profile of the mulled wine prepared with this kit?

    Our Mulled Wine Spice Kit imparts a delightful combination of warm, aromatic, and slightly sweet flavours with hints of spice and citrus.

  • What's included in Empathy Herbal's Mulled Wine Spice Kit?

    Our Mulled Wine Spice Kit contains a curated blend of premium spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, star anise, red ginger, white turmeric, dehydrated orange, and coconut sugar. This combination creates a delightful and aromatic mulled wine experience.

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