Empty Capsules 00 Separated


Empty Capsules Size 00 SeparatedHPMC 100% plant-based capsules vegan & vego friendly. 

Separated capsules are 3 times faster to fill than non-separated capsules. 

HPMC capsules are environment friendly – made from wood pulp.

Transparent capsules – easy to swallow, no taste or odour.


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Empty Capsules 00 Separated

From Plant to Pill: Make Your Own Homemade Anti-Inflammatory Supplements using Size 00 Capsules

Experience the ease of supplement-making with size 00 separated capsules, crafted for your convenience and designed to save you time.

These vegan-friendly HPMC capsules, made from sustainable wood pulp, are the perfect choice for your health-conscious lifestyle.

Capsules Size 00

Our 00 capsules are the perfect size for crafting healthy anti-inflammatory supplements at home.

  • Optimal Capacity: They offer enough space to include an effective dose of your herbal ingredients, ensuring you get the full health benefits in each capsule.
  • Easy to Swallow: These capsules are compact enough to take comfortably, avoiding any difficulty that might come with larger sizes.
  • Widely Available Tools: The capsule filling machines designed for size 00 capsules, particularly the 100-hole models, are common and relatively inexpensive, making them ideal for home use.
  • Balance Between Scale and Manageability: The 100-hole capsule filling boards strike a balance, being large enough to make a batch of capsules worth the effort, yet small enough to reduce the risk and cost of potential mistakes.

This combination of user-friendly size, the availability of appropriate tools, and efficient production capacity makes size 00 capsules an excellent choice for those looking to prepare their own herbal supplements.

Size 00 Capsules Separated

5 reasons you should buy empty capsules separated

  1. Save Time: Already separated capsules mean you can skip the step of pulling apart each one, which can save a considerable amount of time.
  2. Ready To Go: Open the package and get into filling. These capsules are pre-separated for immediate use, streamlining the capsule filling process from the very beginning.
  3. Less Risk of Damage: Separating capsules by hand is a boring and repetitive task, which can lead to errors. Accidently mixing a few tops with the bottoms can cause problems when it comes time to encapsulate.
  4. Filling Made Easy: When you’re using a manual filling machine, separated capsules fit smoothly into the holes, making the process faster.
  5. Uniform Results: The consistent design of separated capsules promotes even and accurate filling, so you can expect consistent dosage in every capsule.

Capsules 00 Size

How much do 00 capsules hold?

Size 00 capsules can hold between 0.4 grams (400 milligrams) and 0.8 grams (800 milligrams) of powder. However, this can vary depending on the method of filling.

Manual Capsules Filling Machine

Using a manual capsule filling machine can result in variable weights due to the hand-tamping process. Size 00 capsules containing organic powders can weigh 0.4 – 0.5 grams due to their lower density. However, non-organic powders are often denser and easier to compact – weighing 0.6 – 0.7 grams.

Machine Filling

Automatic capsule filling machines ensure a uniform and consistent fill. Size 00 capsules can be packed densely, containing nearly 0.8 grams (800 milligrams) each. However, the powder density & nature being organic or non-organic will affect the exact amount that can be filled.

  • 00 capsules size mg: Size 00 capsules hold 450 – 500mg of powdered root or leaf herb when filling using a manual capsule filling machine.
  • 00 capsule weight: The weight of empty vegetarian capsules size 00 made from HPMC are .07g.

How big are 00 capsules? 

When pressed together, 00 capsules are 23.3mm in length & 8.5mm in diameter.

00 Gel Capsules

Our empty vegetarian capsules, size 00, are made from HPMC cellulose.

What are the benefits of buying veggie / vegan capsules over gelatin capsules?

  • Plant-based cellulose capsules perfect for vegetarian and vegan preferences
  • HPMC capsules, also known as hydroxypropyl methylcellulose or hypromellose, are derived from renewable plant sources (wood pulp), making them environmentally friendly.
  • Being free from animal by-products, they’re a low allergen risk.
  • HPMC capsules are derived from renewable plant sources (wood pulp), making them environmentally friendly.
  • Plant-based capsules dissolve quickly, enabling faster absorption.
  • HPMC plant-based capsules are clear & don’t have a taste.

What are the benefits of buying gelatin capsules over vegan / veggie capsules?

  • Non plant-based capsules are made from bovine gelatin (boiled cow bones) making them widely available and relatively cheap.

Empty Capsules 00 Separated

How long do capsules take to dissolve?

On average, it can take 5 to 30 minutes for a capsule to dissolve in the stomach.

How long do capsules last?

When stored sealed in a cool, dark, and dry place, empty separated capsules can remain usable for up to 5 years.

Buy Empty Capsules

When you choose to buy empty capsules in Australia, consider the superior functionality and health-conscious design of our size 00 separated capsules. They are the ideal pick for creating personalized supplements with ease and precision, ensuring that your wellness routine is as efficient as it is natural—perfect for those who value quality and convenience in their journey to better health.

Buy Empty Capsules – Size 00 Separated

We’re confident you’ll LOVE our HPMC Empty Capsules 00 Separated – that if you don’t, we’ll give them to you for *free.

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Empty Capsules 00

500 empty capsules, 1000 empty capsules

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