Red Ginger Powder

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Red Ginger also known as pink ginger because of the colour of the rhizomes is 1 of 52 different types of ginger growing throughout the world.
Red ginger root is a potent variety possessing a heat and flavour twice the strength of white ginger. Its spicy, zesty & peppery character can compliment smoothies, juices, herbal teas or can be added to cooking and baking with excellent results.


Quick Facts: 350g of fresh ginger will naturally dry to become 40g of ground powder. Ginger powder can be stored for over 18 months (unlike minced ginger).

Red Ginger

Ginger spices have a rich history in SE Asia & throughout the world – treasured for their aromatic, culinary and medicinal properties. Red ginger / pink ginger is a highly therapeutic genus found growing in the nutrient rich alpine soil of Sumatra, its a key ingredient in various traditional Jamu tonics. Centuries of traditional use and decades of medical research have validated is ability to assist.
Muscle pain and soreness
Respiratory conditions
Coughs, colds & flu’s


Serving Suggestions:
  • Ginger is one the healthiest, most delicious & versatile of all spices.
  • Try adding to cooking or baking – used in sweet & savoury dishes or treats.
  • Mix with juices & smoothies.
  • Brew with lemon and honey for a deliciously soothing herbal tea.

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    Always enjoy your products. Liked the way it was packed. I have added other products to my order this time and know that I will not be happy.

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