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RAW CEREMONIAL CACAO BEANS – 100% premium & organic whole-bean cacao (not powder or paste).

Absolutely delicious. Fast delivery! Will be ordering all my cacao from here. Thank you. – Olivia M

Authentic Single Origin – direct from the Peruvian Amazon in the Valley of Chazuta.

SUPERFOOD – rich in antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, iron & vitamins to assist mood, cognitive function and overall well-being.


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Raw Ceremonial Cacao Beans

Discover the Sacred Spirit of Ceremonial Cacao: A Wellness Tradition

Ceremonial cacao offers a symphony of taste and health, its rich flavors complementing the profound mental clarity and emotional balance it promotes.

This ancient superfood, steeped in tradition, opens a path to wellness that delights both the palate and the spirit.

What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial cacao is a premium variety of cacao, revered for its use in spiritual and ritualistic practices. Crafted from whole, unroasted cacao beans that undergo minimal processing, this raw cacao is packed with antioxidants, flavonoids, and essential minerals like magnesium, offering numerous health benefits.

Our cacao is harvested directly from its native origins, where it has thrived in fertile soils for generations. In producing ceremonial cacao, we honour age-old traditions with profound respect for the established harvesting and preparation methods passed down through time.

Ceremonial cacao it’s designed to be consumed with intention, whether in a communal gathering or during a personal moment of reflection. Accompanied by practices like intention-setting and meditation, ceremonial cacao is valued for its ability to open the heart and foster transformation.

Ceremonial Cacao Benefits

Ceremonial cacao is valued for its profound cultural and spiritual importance and is equally celebrated for its health-promoting phytonutrients.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao

  1. Antioxidant Properties: Cacao is rich in flavonoids like catechins and epicatechins, which combat free radicals and contribute to overall health.
  2. Enhanced Mental Focus: Theobromine, a gentle stimulant found in cacao, offers a sustained boost of mental clarity, unlike the abrupt effects of caffeine.
  3. Emotional Balance: Containing anandamide, the “bliss molecule,” cacao naturally elevates mood and promotes a sense of contentment.
  4. Magnesium Content: Cacao is an excellent source of magnesium, which is crucial for muscle function, nervous system health, and steady energy production.
  5. Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao The healthy fats in cacao, such as oleic acid—also found in olive oil—aid in maintaining favourable cholesterol levels, supporting cardiovascular wellness.

Regular Raw Cacao

Regular cacao refers to beans or products from the cacao tree meant for everyday consumption. This category includes raw beans, nibs, powder, and butter, common in cooking, baking, or making chocolate. The quality of regular cacao can vary significantly. It is typically produced and processed on a larger scale for the broader food industry, and it does not carry the spiritual significance that ceremonial cacao holds.

What’s the Difference Between Ceremonial Cacao and Cacao?

All ceremonial cacao is cacao, not all cacao is suited for ceremonial use. This is due to distinct differences in processing methods, quality, and the intentions set during production.

What’s the Difference Between Cacao and Cocoa?

Cocoa is processed cacao. It’s made from cacao beans that have been roasted at high temperatures and often combined with sugar or milk. This processing changes the beans’ molecular structure, flavour, and nutritional properties.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao Australia

Ceremonial grade cacao has become a sought-after wellness product in Australia, attracting attention for its rich cultural roots and health benefits. As the market grows, so does the availability of cheaper and less pure products.

The taste of raw and ceremonial cacao can be deceptively similar, making it crucial to buy ceremonial cacao from a reputable source.

Empathy Herbal is a name you can trust, providing genuine ceremonial grade cacao of unmatched quality that truly honours its traditional roots and health-giving properties.

Organic Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Our organic ceremonial grade cacao is cultivated with respect for natural ecosystems, free from synthetic additives. This not only preserves the cacao’s purity and ceremonial properties but also supports environmental sustainability.

Cacao Ceremony Recipe

When it comes to preparing a ceremonial cacao drink, the recipe you choose can greatly enhance the experience.

The 5 Most Popular Ways to Create a Cacao Ceremony Drink.

The Classic Blend:

  1. Measure 1 – 3 tbsp (10-20g) ceremonial cacao into a saucepan then add 200ml of water and/or milk (ideally non-dairy).
  2. Blitz use a handheld stick blender or heat-proof blender. Alternately or whisk, blend over a low heat until completely melted & smooth.
  3. Pour the brewed cacao into your favourite cup and take a moment to enjoy the experience.

Caution: boiling cacao will reduce the quality of its natural minerals and decrease its bioavailability

Top Tip: For a touch of sweetness, add a dash of organic maple syrup or honey. Some may include a pinch of cayenne pepper to amplify the cacao’s natural warmth and a sprinkle of cinnamon for depth of flavour.

  • The Creamy Concoction: Combine melted ceremonial grade cacao with warm, plant-based milk such as almond or coconut milk for a creamier texture. Vanilla extract can be added for aromatic sweetness, and a tablespoon of coconut butter can enrich the drink’s velvety consistency.
  • The Herbal Infusion: Infuse the hot water with herbs like peppermint or chamomile before mixing in the cacao paste. This not only imparts additional flavours but can also bring the calming or refreshing properties of the herbs to the forefront of the cacao ceremony.
  • The Spiced Elixir: For those who enjoy a bit of complexity, adding a blend of spices such as nutmeg, cardamom, and a hint of black pepper can create a robust and invigorating ceremonial drink. This spiced elixir can stimulate the senses and complement the natural flavour profile of the cacao.
  • The Raw Sweetness: Incorporate raw, ceremonial cacao nibs blended with dates and hot water for a drink that offers texture and natural sweetness. This recipe caters to those who prefer a whole-food approach and appreciate the subtle nuances of unrefined ingredients.

Best Ceremonial Cacao Recipe

Finding the perfect ceremonial cacao recipe is all about what tastes good to you. Pick ingredients that make you happy and make your cacao ceremony feel personal and meaningful. And remember, it’s fun to try different recipes sometimes. This way, each cup of cacao can be a new discovery, keeping your taste buds excited and the experience fresh and joyful.

What is a Cacao Ceremony

A cacao ceremony is a meaningful gathering focused on drinking cacao together in a way that helps people heal, connect, and reflect. It’s a time for both personal growth and community bonding. The cacao served is special – it’s high-quality and made with care to keep it pure. As everyone shares this drink, it becomes more than just a beverage; it’s a key to unlocking deeper feelings and spiritual insights.

How to Make Cacao Ceremony

  • Starting your own cacao ceremony is simple. Choose a quiet, peaceful spot where you can sit comfortably. With each sip of your cacao, practice deep breathing, repeat calming mantras, or focus on silencing the chatter in your mind. Meditation is a key part of the ceremony.
  • There’s no set time for how long your ceremony should last – it’s all about what feels right for you. You might want to start with just 5 minutes if you’re new to this, and as you grow more accustomed, you might find joy in longer sessions. The most important thing is to give yourself this peaceful time to connect with the moment and your cacao.

Cacao Ceremony Drink

  • To prepare a cacao ceremony drink, start by thinking positive thoughts while gently melting ceremonial grade cacao paste in hot water. Stir it slowly until the cacao is completely melted. You can add natural sweeteners like honey or agave to taste, and spices such as cinnamon or a pinch of cayenne pepper to bring warmth and depth to the flavour.
  • Serve the drink warm, inviting everyone to partake at the start of the ceremony as a symbol of unity and intention. Or enjoy by yourself in your special place.

Is Ceremonial Cacao a Drug?

No, ceremonial cacao is not considered a drug. It’s a natural, plant-based ingredient valued for its ability to uplift the spirit and open the heart. While it does contain theobromine, which can be mildly stimulating, it’s not psychoactive like some substances used in other ceremonial contexts. Many indigenous cultures hold ceremonial cacao sacred, using it to promote wellness and spiritual connection.

Buy Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial cacao is a sacred, health-enhancing plant used in rituals to promote wellness and connection. Unlike regular cacao, its minimal processing preserves purity and maximizes mental clarity and heart health benefits. To partake in this tradition, buy ceremonial cacao from reputable sources that respect its heritage.

Empathy Herbal offers premium organic ceremonial grade cacao in Australia, perfect for personal or communal ceremonies.

Buy Ceremonial Cacao

We’re so confident you’ll love the Organic Ceremonial Cacao – that if you don’t, we’ll give it to you for free!

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    Absolutely delicious. Fast delivery! Will be ordering all my cacao from here. Thank you.

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