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FBF3 Framework

FBF3 is a comprehensive guide packed with valuable insights to help you understand Inflammation. Also the anti-inflammatory lifestyle changes you can make to Feel Better Faster (in 3 weeks or less).


1.  Inflammation – How bad is the problem?

2. Top 10 chronic inflammatory health conditions in Australia.

3. Jamu –  What herbs can help & how to add them into your diet.


1. The problem with growing older…

2. How to start a healthy habit

3. The CBF Scale – What do you feel like doing today?


1. Mindful Eating – You are what you eat

2. Breathwork – Breathing to survive or thrive?

3. Meditation – Stress is consistent in our modern life

4. Stretching – How to prevent injury

5. Exercise – Activities to fit your mood today


1. Lifestyle Choices – Believing is Achieving

2. Subscribe & Save – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Part 4 (Bonus Section)

1.  Be Conscious – get started with EMPATHY

Homework for Grown-ups

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Jim Hancock

Creator of the FBF3 Framework | Founding Director of Empathy Herbal®

Statistics Show:  1 in 2 Australians suffer from a chronic inflammatory disease. Sadly, I’ve been on the wrong side of that fence for more than half my life!

In 2003, a snowboarding accident fractured my patella, setting off my lifelong battle with arthritis inflammation. Surgeries and pharmaceuticals offered brief respite, but the pain always resurfaced, leaving me feeling older than my years. Determined to regain my health, I completed Certificates 3 & 4 in Fitness and incorporated healthier habits into my life. Yet, during my late 20s and early 30s, inconsistency hindered the benefits of these practices.

My well-being slowly deteriorated until a surfing trip to Indonesia where I was introduced to JAMU herbal remedies. Within three weeks, I noticed reduced stiffness and soreness, and within three months, the pain significantly diminished. Inspired by this life-changing experience, I dedicated three years to living in Indonesia, studying and cultivating various Jamu varieties. Upon returning to Australia, I founded Empathy Herbal, focusing on natural remedies & practices to assist inflammation.

I created the FBF3 anti-inflammatory lifestyle book by combining Jamu with health habits (learned over two decades). The framework’s structure and CFB scale helped me maintain consistency by holding myself accountable. My goal in creating & sharing the FBF3 Framework is help others using safe & natural therapies to prevent or relive chronic inflammation symptoms.  

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