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journaling for mental health

Top 5 benefits of journaling for mental health and How to Start

For many years, journaling has held its place as a valuable tool for managing stress, easing symptoms of depression and anxiety, enhancing mental focus, and improving overall well-being. Journaling offers a deeper connection to the self and a journey towards personal growth. Journaling can be very convenient to add to

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Work Life Balance 2

Work Life Balance, how to get it right! 10 Tips to Success  

Are you working towards an early death? Australia ranks 32 out of 41 for a healthy work life balance… Australians are known for their strong work ethic, about 13% of the population work +50 hours per week. These hours are considered ‘very long hours’ by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation

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Breathwork Benefits -3 Types of Breathwork for Beginners

BREATHWORK BENEFITS 3 Types of Breathwork for Beginners

Breathwork Unleashed: Discover the Transformative Benefits of Breathwork Techniques for Beginners Welcome to the fascinating world of breathwork! In a fast-paced and demanding world, taking a moment to focus on our breath can unlock a wealth of physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Whether you’re seeking to Breathwork has the power

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mental health cover

Improving Mental Health…7 Tips

What is mental health? Mental health refers to your overall psychological well-being. It includes your emotions, feelings and thinking. Your mental health can affect your ability to deal with stress, your reaction to difficulties and the quality of your relationship with others. Everyone can experience mental or emotional health issues

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how to start meditation

Meditation – Top 7 Benefits And How To Start

Meditation is a practice of training your attention from a place of non-judgement. Recognize your feelings and observe in the present moment. There are numerous studies that have proven the benefits of regular meditation.  Here are top 7 benefits of regular meditation: Meditation can have extensive benefits, from physical to

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calm anxiety

How to calm anxiety naturally: 9 tips to help you

Did you know there are over two million Australians who are suffering anxiety every year? There is an estimation that more than 45% of the population will experience a mental health problem in their life. Anxiety is becoming a more and more common mental illness that affects everyone. Anxiety can

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sleep for health

Top 7 health benefits of a good sleep

Have you ever wondered why we need sleep? What’s the purpose of sleep? Sleep is an essential activity as much as food and water to our body. We need sleep to survive. To date, more people are sleeping less than in the past; Not to mention the decrease in sleep

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