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Black Garlic Dessert

BLACK GARLIC DESSERT Dumplings with Maple Syrup Sauce

Buy Black Garlic Recipe 21 of 101 You can’t be serious….Black Garlic in a dessert! Soft and gooey black garlic and walnut dumplings dripping with a maple syrup sauce. Baked in the microwave creating, a mouthwatering dessert in a few minutes. Meals Made Easy Black Garlic Dessert Dumplings with Maple

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Cheese with black garlic the best healthy snack

Cheese with Black Garlic Biscuit – Healthy Snacks

Black Garlic Recipe Cheese with black garlic biscuits – flavourful kick and surprising twist These delectable cheese with black garlic biscuits will be a point of difference on your next happy hour platter. Cayenne pepper provides a kick to these biscuits, and black garlic adds the surprise twist. Make them

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Cinnamon Scrolls with Apple, Black Garlic & Honey

Cinnamon Scrolls with Apple Black Garlic and Honey

Black Garlic Recipe The sweet aroma of these Cinnamon Scrolls with Apple, Black Garlic and Honey is irresistible, try stopping a just one. Fill your house with the delicious aroma of baking apples and honey. Then enjoy the crisp and flaky sweet pastries straight from the oven. What is Black

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