Mango Turmeric Capsules


【Mango Turmeric】is a potent variety of white turmeric.

【Exclusive】a rare variety of turmeric (also known as mango ginger).

【Capsules】contain 500mg of premium organic mango turmeric powder (cellulose = vegan friendly capsules).

【Dose】1 – 2 capsules take once to twice a day.


Quick Fact: Naturally bio-available! Mango turmeric is easily digested by your body without needing to add black pepper or fatty oils (unlike regular turmeric).


Mango Turmeric Curcuma mangga has been used as a traditional Jamu remedy for Centuries, favoured in Indonesia for its subtle taste, pleasant aroma, and numerous health benefits. White ‘mango’ turmeric may assist inflammation, blood thinning, anxiety, depression & promote cellular health.

SUPERFOOD medical research has identified Caryophyllene as the most active and therapeutic compound, which is also found in cannabis sativa.

Cultivated in volcanic soil, at altitude, close to the equator.

Store in a cool, dark & dry place – best before 18 months.



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Empathy Herbal is an ethical Australian company, true to our organic farming & fair-trade values. We offer unique herbs, spices and traditional Jamu remedies cultivated in the volcanic alpine region of Northern Sumatra. We are passionate about providing natural & delicious alternatives to improve and restore health. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is a testament to the belief in our products and the high level of customer service we pride our self on.

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