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What is “Mindful Eating” and how does it improve your health?

What is “Mindful Eating” and how does it improve your health?

Have you ever noticed how much food you eat per day? Are you binge eating while you watch tv? Does your body really need or like those foods you eat?

Mindful eating is a technique that might help you control your eating habit in order to improve your overall health.

Mindful eating may help you:

  • Identify your physical sensations.
  • Understand what your body needs.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Support your immune system.
  • Get a night of better sleep.

Mindful eating is about using mindfulness to pay attention to your experience and emotions. It helps you recognize your cravings, physical cues, and your feelings about food.

To start with mindful eating, we can do the following 6 things:

  1. Eat slowly and without distraction.
  2. Eat when you are truly hungry and stop when you’re full.
  3. Check your emotions and listen to your body. (Are you hungry, thirsty, stressed, tired or bored?)
  4. Engage your senses by noticing smells, flavours, textures and colours.
  5. Fuel and nourish your body with real wholesome food. (Like Black Garlic, Red Ginger and Moringa and more. Believe me, they are healthy and delicious! )
  6. Appreciate your food.

These things allow you to take a moment to understand how you’re feeling. Instead of an automatic reaction, you can be more conscious of your choices and more able to achieve your health goals.

It might be difficult at the beginning. Try to focus on the reasons why you started and don’t judge yourself if you fall into old habits, don’t give up! It takes time and patient to create a new habit. Let’s start right now!

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