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The Immunity Booster Food, you can EAT LIKE CANDY

Why is everyone looking for the best immunity booster foods?  

Because your immune system is your bodies frontline defense against infection. Which means, if your immunity becomes weak, you’re more likely to feel sick & potentially pass that sickness on to someone else. And then so on and so on…

Eating immunity booster food is a proactive approach to staying healthy.

The Immunity Booster food you can eat like candy….?

Is Aged Black Garlic, peeled cloves.

Garlic has been used as a herbal remedy for Centuries. Evidence found in the pyramids suggests raw white garlic was used as a medicine by ancient Egyptians – feed to their slaves, so they could work harder & longer without sickness.

Over the past few decades, dozens of scientific reviews & clinical studies have been conducted to validate this long-standing belief that garlic is an immunity-boosting food.

What is black garlic & why is it better than white garlic?

Black garlic is created by slowly aging white garlic bulbs in the oven for 30 days. This fermenting / caramelizing process mellows garlic’s pungent flavour & aroma. The result is sweet, soft & sticky garlic – mild in flavour but loaded with health benefits.

  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure
  • CV Health
  • Immune System
  • Diabetes

Black Garlic is white garlic – aged to Perfection!

What make Black Garlic Perfect?

Natural Extract: The 30-day aging / oven roasting process enhances the health benefits of raw white garlic.

Easy to Eat: Black garlic’s soft texture & sweet taste makes it a healthy lolly, delicious for the whole family.

BG: Black Garlic cloves can be eaten as a snack satisfying sweet cravings or cooked in 101 different ways.

Long Life: Peeled Black Garlic cloves are preserved, they can last for many years. Just like you can if you eat a few cloves every day…

101 Black Garlic Recipes – Eat Like Candy (day 1 of 101)


Which is the best immunity booster food, white garlic, black garlic cloves or black garlic puree?

All 3 varieties of garlic are great for your immune system, but if you consider the potency, taste, longevity & ease of use – Black Garlic peeled cloves is the clear winner!

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