Black Garlic

Black Garlic
Immune Boosting SUPERFOOD
Make Me Healthy

Keeping Slaves energetic

FACT: The ancient Egyptians gave black garlic to there salves so they would be better & healthier salves.

I Want Black Garlic

Do You Love Garlic but Hate Stinky Breath?

There’s nothing worse than stinky garlic breath after a delicious meal.

Garlic Breath

25% of people who have Bad Breath don’t know they have it.

Immune Health

A healthy immune system is the key to a strong healthy body.


Raw garlic is less bio-available than fermented garlic.

Black Garlic is

Equally Healthy & Delicious!

And no garlic breath.

Did you know?

IF you or your family suffer with?

Then you need to try Black Garlic...

''A convenient & pleasant herbal remedy.''

– Dr P Marchent

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