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Your Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle – 5 Steps to Success!

Are you trying to manage and decrease the inflammation in your body? Most people know chronic inflammation can cause many health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, blood vessel disease and other conditions. The danger is you may not see or feel the inflammation slowly damaging your body in the early days. So, the best way to avoid chronic inflammation is to start an anti-inflammatory lifestyle! (Related blog: What is inflammation )

Here is a 5 step quick guide to help you get started.

1. Load up on anti-inflammatory foods

Don’t be scared of the term “anti-inflammatory foods”. Especially when you have a lot of delicious food options when it comes to protecting against inflammation! The most important thing is you need to make good choices in your diet.

Your diet can make a remarkable difference to your overall health, especially in managing chronic inflammation. Aim to incorporate those rich in antioxidant real foods because they are the most effective food to help reduce inflammation. These could include berries, broccoli, avocados, mushrooms, tomatoes and olive oils. (Related blog: These 6 anti-inflammatory spices are incredibly helpful!)

plant based food

2. Check ingredient lists

Did you know many foods may contain additives, preservatives and other ingredients to make that food tastier?  Chemicals have high potential to trigger inflammation which you need to avoid! Next time, make sure you read the ingredient lists before you purchase.

3. Nurture your gut

Your gut can be considered as a second brain in your body. There are about 100 trillion bacteria living inside your digestive system. A healthy and balanced gut can effectively help reduce inflammation. Try incorporating probiotic-rich and fibre-rich foods to nurture and strengthen your gut health in order to fight against inflammation! (Related blog: 6 Ways to improve gut health )

gut brain connection

4. Stay active

New research shows only 20 minutes of exercise can have anti-inflammatory effects. Exercise especially helps to reduce age-related inflammation. Also, regular physical activities can help you maintain a healthy weight which is a key to controlling inflammation. Try to schedule an exercise routine and make it fun! (Related blog: How to make exercise a regular routine? )


5. Manage stress

A review published in Human Neuroscience said inflammation is a common pathway of stress-related diseases. Feeling stress is a common thing in these modern times. There are many topics online that can help manage your stress, for example, meditation, yoga and breathwork. Remember, your response to stress and anxiety can exacerbate inflammatory markers inside your body.  (Related blog: 9 tips to help you calm anxiety naturally.)

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Start small but be persistent.

When people say “anti-inflammatory lifestyle” they normally focus on what type of food should avoid, which can be very challenging to follow for a beginner. An alternative is to start incorporating new habits slowly. Eat anti-inflammatory food, check ingredient lists, exercise, take care of your gut and manage stress. The most important thing is stick to the good changes and make them become a lifestyle!


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